Here be the links. Now most people stick them here as they feel they are obligatory, but for me I take this personal. I stand behind each one, backed by my patented 180 day money back guarantee*! (*money back guarantee not included)

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Burning Man That big desert thingy I go to annually to refresh my kool-aid packet supply.

IgnitionNW The Seattle regional board for things burner-esque, of which I was a founding member. Critical Massive information is found here,

Flight To Mars Mars, bitches!

Jordan's Bee Blog If you don't like bees, fine. But if you don't laugh something is *clearly* wrong with you.

The Beehive A local phenomenon, and my first photography customer. So I'm skewed, shoot me. These cats are phenomenal, and Dave and Alethea will be famous soon -- mark my words.

DJ Whatever Matt Conlon's new site, chronicling his single-handed quest to end trance forever.

Faux Faux Alex Wilson is not only a disc jockey, he designs cool shit for you.

DjML Mark Lacas produces, spins, *and* is a dad to boot. And he made it to Digg and slashdot, so there!

Gizmodo. I'm a huge geek, what can I say?