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Below are some articles about either myself, community activities, or interviews and quotes. Click on the titles for details, and click on the pictures to link to the original webpages.

c/net at Critical Massive 2k6

Here I am on CNet, talking with Daniel Terdiman, senior staff writer. While he was at Critical Massive he was promoted to editor. Go for a burn = get promoted. Nice one, Daniel, nice one!

The Press gets it right!

Seattle PI writer D. Parvaz gets Burning Man right "Burning man festival is a year-round pursuit for many area artists".

On Playa interview

I got interviewed *on* the playa. Granted it was a bit odd as I was building Flight To Mars' Funhouse at the time in a dust storm. Out came this purple hankerchiefed D. Parvaz, asking me all these questions, and I couldn't tell who it was until halfway through :-)

School House Rawk

The Stranger, Seattle's alternative newspaper, talks about School House Rawk, the New Years' event my Burning Man camp, is putting on. It was voted *the* party to be at by the Stranger and The Seattle Times.


The first Seattle mention of me was in the Stranger (older print copies of the days in San Diego/San Francisco will be scanned and added in here later), playing the precursor to Critical Massive, a night called "Mass". It was designed for burners, and worked out well


Here is a fine article on Jeremy Martin of ChickenHed, who was killed in the Capitol Hill murders.

More PI Interviews

The PI interviewed me as a promoter, regarding the killings.

CM in the news

I defended our event Critical Massive to the media.