This is my tribute page for Greg Taylor, aka Ludington GT. Below are direct links to some of the works and videos he made.


Symbols - Voices (12") (1982)
Greg's band from 1982. Original files from Seqman, and post about the music is here.


One of Greg's greatest loves was Frtiz Lang's "Metropolis" from 1927. A silent film masterpiece, GT decided to make an electronica score for the film. I was lucky enough to see it twice before he passed. The version below is a re-creation of the master files by one of his partners in music Marcell Marias. Marcell re-created GT's score from his original Ableton Live files and a text file that Greg made which noted the song transitions and mix ideas.

A .zip version of the .iso. Try this if the .iso is not working.
Metropolis - .zip version

The .m4v can be played back using VLC, or itunes. You can also download it and simply rename the file with a .mp4 at the end if your player is finicky. This version has 320kpbs sound.
Metropolis - m4v version

The .iso is bit for bit rip, and can be burned onto a DVD for playback.
Metropolis - .iso version



A compilation video of some performances of Greg Taylor (aka Ludington GT) (courtesy Marcell Marias)

Ludington GT performs "tomorrow" live at Youngstown Cultural Center, Seattle, 6/14/09


Some of his music -- 17 tracks of GT goodness

Amazon store for his Daisy Dancing Remix