I need your body...literally.

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I told you of something coming up, and this one is a pretty big one….and I need your help.

Next Sunday night, May 15th, I am playing at Pink Ultralounge on 6th and pike in the pacific place building. I'm not sure if you've been there, but it absolutely gorgeous. They have hired a new person to run the talent, and they are having me play on their first night.

That night a booking agent for big name clubs is coming. If I do well, and people come out, this could be really good for me. It's kinda like the DJ version of a college talent scout watching an important game.

That night there is stand up comedy which starts at 7:30. Cover is $10 for that part, however I have a guest list that'll cover 100 people. If you want to go early, email me your name and your guests names and I'll put you on the free list.

The main event is where I need people. From 10pm onward there is no cover. Huge added bonus is the first drink is $2, and the rest all night are happy hour prices.

I play from 10pm-12, and the guest is DJ Ideal from LA from 12-2. Ideal is a great partner for the night, as he plays funky electro house and has lots of energy.

This Sunday May 15th
Guest list you for the comics from 730-10
free after 10pm
I'm on 10-12


***Please come out!***

Jesus built my hotrod

So there.

Tackle the day

Feeling full of chutzpah but no firm plans for the day...any recommendations?

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What are the origins of the word "Okay" (OK) ?

I found this on a yahoo site, and it is very intersting. Since I have traveled a bit, it seems to me the third explanation (from worldwide words) seems to be the best IMO.


1839, only survivor of a slang fad in Boston and New York c.1838-9 for abbreviations of common phrases with deliberate, jocular misspellings (cf. K.G. for "no go," as if spelled "know go"); in this case, "oll korrect." Further popularized by use as an election slogan by the O.K. Club, New York boosters of Democratic president Martin Van Buren's 1840 re-election bid, in allusion to his nickname Old Kinderhook, from his birth in the N.Y. village of Kinderhook. Van Buren lost, the word stuck, in part because it filled a need for a quick way to write an approval on a document, bill, etc. The noun is first attested 1841; the verb 1888. Spelled out as okeh, 1919, by Woodrow Wilson, on assumption that it represented Choctaw okeh "it is so" (a theory which lacks historical documentation); this was ousted quickly by okay after the appearance of that form in 1929. Okey-doke is student slang first attested 1932. Greek immigrants to America who returned home early 20c. having picked up U.S. speech mannerisms were known in Greece as okay-boys, among other things.


H.L. Mencken once described "O.K." as "the most successful of Americanisms," an estimation verified by U.S. troops during the Second World War, who reported encountering the phrase all over the world. Of all the scores of theories (and sub-theories) as to the origin of "O.K.," the most widely heard traces "O.K." to the "O.K. Club," a political committee supporting Martin Van Buren's unsuccessful bid for the Presidency in 1840. The "O.K.," it is said, was short for "Old Kinderhook," Van Buren's nickname.

It appears that this theory is not so much wrong (the "O.K. Club" certainly existed) as it is incomplete. Chances are good the Van Buren's partisans would never have named their club "O.K." had the phrase not already been widely known as an abbreviation of "oll korrect," a humorous misspelling of "all correct." American speech in the early 1800s was awash in similar abbreviations, two of which, "N.G." ("no good") and "P.D.Q." ("Pretty Damn Quick"), are still heard today.

Ironically, while "O.K." didn't save Van Buren's campaign, the campaign gave "O.K." a new lease on life -- until then, it had never been as popular as a competing phrase, "O.W." (for "oll wright"). (By the way, before we start feeling too superior to the cornball 1800s, is "oll wright" really any worse than the "excuuuse me!" or "not!" fads of a few years ago?).


OK is without doubt the best-known and widest-travelled Americanism, used and recognised even by people who hardly know another word of English. Running in parallel with its popularity have been many attempts to explain where it came from — amateur etymologists have been obsessed with OK and theories have bred unchecked for the past 150 years.

Suggestions abound of introductions from another language, including the one you mention. Others include: from the Choctaw-Chickasaw okah meaning "it is indeed"; from a mishearing of the Scots och aye! (or perhaps Ulster Scots Ough aye!), "yes, indeed!"; from West African languages like Mandingo (O ke, "certainly") or Wolof (waw kay, "yes indeed"); from Finnish oikea, "correct, exact"; from French au quais, "at the quay" (supposedly stencilled on Puerto Rican rum specially selected for export, or a place of assignation for French sailors in the Caribbean); or from French Aux Cayes (a port in Haiti famous for its superior rum). Such accidentally coincidental forms across languages are surprisingly common and all of these are certainly false. Many African-Americans would be delighted to have it proved that OK is actually from an African language brought to America by slaves, but the evidence is against them, as we shall shortly learn.


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Asker's Comment:
Lol, at least I was right to think that there was some mystery about it, I always thought it must be an abbreviation, and that it originated in America, it seems most likely to be from the Greek word:)


A very special event I am producing...please come!

**Please feel free to forward**

Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you about a very special event put together for Burners Without Borders. It is an very special intimate affair, hosted in an incredible private venue:

-- January 23, 2010 9pm-late
-- A private warehouse loft overlooking downtown Seattle
-- A full hosted bar of high quality spirits, beer, and wine
-- Sexy dessert time with Tiberio
-- Top quality entertainment
-- Auction of art piece by Justin Rodda
-- Only 60 tickets will be available
-- This event is 21+, and PRE-SALE ONLY.
-- Complementary BWB shot glass
-- $75

Wolfie - Producer/dj, founder of la decompression
Randy - Kick ass dj, founding director of youngstown cultural arts center

Meet and greet with Jon Ray -- Head of BWB San Diego

Food and drinks:
Gretta Graves - best bartender in the northern half of earth, Hooverville
Tiberio Simone -- Absolutely phenomenal deserts served by the sexy man himself

Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY THE 13th, 2009 @ NOON at the website:


You can also see the KICK ELF projects events like these fund on the website!



me @ bunnygroove.com // beats @ djdiem.com // web design @ makadesigns.com
facebook @ facebook.com/bunnygroove // twitter @ twitter.com/djdiem //
insurance @ martinezfarmersagency.com

The pot roast recipe, and the crab cream cheese mushroom appetizer!

3.5 lb pot roast
1 10 1/2oz can cambell's condensed french onion soup (made with beef broth)
1 14.9 oz can guinness stout
1/2 cup organic catsup
3/4 lb. baby carrots, peeled
5 spanish onions, medium, sliced in half
5 red potatoes, sliced in half
1 head garlic, peeled

cook time 6 hours on high on the crock pot

place onions on bottom, and covered rest of space with 1/2 pound carrots. Placed roast lovingly on top. Pour soup/guiness/catsup combo on roast. poked 5 holes in roast and inserted pieces of garlic. Placed potatoes and remaining garlic and carrots on top.

24 mushrooms
1 pkg. philly cream cheese
1 tbsp bacon salt
1 tbsp worsteshire
1 small onion
1 tbsp minced garlic
3 tbsp parmesan

remove stems from mushrooms. mince 8 stems and onions and pan fry till cooked. Mix all ingredients together and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.